Meet Our Team:

Little Treasures Nursery prides itself on having dedicated, caring staff with a real love for working with children. 
All our teachers hold relevant early years qualifications and all teaching assistants are early years qualified and trained. All staff are approved by the Ministry of Education. In addition, all our staff members are Pediatric First Aid trained and certified. Furthermore, we support ongoing training and accreditation for all our staff and regularly undertake and attend Early Years workshops, seminars and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses.
"Ware not “just” teachers, We are the managers of the world’s greatest resource: CHILDREN!”- Robert John Meehan
Miss Gemma

Hi, I'm Miss Gemma and I'm the Manger and Owner here at Little Treasures Nursery. Aside from being a mother to three children for a period of 23 years, I have many years of childcare experience and I am honored to have a career that I absolutely love and enjoy on a daily basis. I am very passionate about what I do and absolutely love working with children.

I hold a FETAC Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Childcare from Ireland and am currently doing my Masters in Early Years Education in the UK. I have completed lots and lots of early years CPD courses and I am first aid trained and certified. 

Nursery Manager
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Miss Alannah

Hi, I'm Miss Alannah. I am from Manchester in the U.K and I moved to the UAE in 2018 to join Little Treasures  Nursery.

I have a CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People's Workforce and have also completed many Early Years CPD Courses. I worked as a preschool teacher in the UK prior to joining the Little Treasures Team.  

I absolutely love my job and love spending time with the children in my class. Each day brings something new and we have so much fun throughout the day. 

Preschool Teacher
Miss Sian

Hi, I'm Miss Sian and I am a Foundation Stage Teacher at Little Treasures. I hold a Post Grad Certificate in Education and Cache Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce.

I have many years experience working  in early years having worked in Step by Step Nursery in Dubai for two years as a preschool teacher, Little Treasures for 1.5 years as a foundation stage teacher, RAK Academy for 1.5 years and now working in Little Treasures again as a Foundation Teacher.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead and have a fantastic programme lined up for our FS1 students that will be not only educational but lots and lots of fun too!

Foundation Teacher
Miss Lindsey

Hi, I'm Miss Linsdey. I'm from South African and moved to the UAE with my family in early 2019.

I am a wife, mother and one of three siblings, whom are all teachers in different parts of the world! 

I hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology and I am currently completing my CACHE Level 3 in Early Years Education with Kidzinc in Dubai.

I have enjoyed each part of my professional journey to this point but my heart is truly in the classroom. 

I am so passionate about early years education and especially love all the exploring, learning and fun we get to have in our classroom!

Foundation Teacher
Miss Stephanie

Hi, I'm Miss Stephanie.

I've been part of the Little Treasures Team since 2015. I worked as a teaching assistant in the Philippines and always had a keen interest in early years. I love working with young children so I undertook and completed my CACHE Level 3 in Childcare and Education in 2018/19. I have also completed many CPD courses in early years education and I am First Aid trained and certified. I am also a certified Fire Safety Officer for the nursery.

I look forward to fun times ahead and getting to know all the beautiful children at the nursery.

Foundation Teacher
Miss Jona

Hi, I'm Miss Jona. I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls.

I joined the Little Treasures Team in 2013 and have gained experience with all the different age groups at the nursery. 

I hold a CACHE Level 3 in Childcare and Education and have completed numerous CPD courses during my time here at Little Treasures. I am Paediatric First Aid certified and am also the Certified Fire Safety Officer at the nursery. I love working with the children  and seeing them blossom and grow day by day is the best job satisfaction anyone could wish for.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Sweedle

Hi, I'm Miss Sweedle. I'm a mom of two wonderful boys who keep me busy! I have been part of the Little Treasures Team since 2016. I completed my teacher training in Kasturba Womens College in 2000 and immediately joined Nandhup Nursery in India for a total of 5 years. I moved to the UAE in 2007 where I began work at Ramsis English Private School in Khuzam for 2 years. After this, I joined Kids World Nursery for 7 years before joining Little Treasures.  I have completed many early years CPD courses nd attended traning and seminars. I am very passionate and dedicated to my job and love watching the children flourish ad grow under my care and guidance.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Emily

Hi, I'm Miss Emily. I am the mother of three beautiful children, 2 girls and 1 boy. 

I joined the Little Treasures Team in March 2014 and have really enjoyed my time here ever since.

I have completed many Early Years continuing professional development courses and attended many seminars and training courses over the past 7 years and I am currently completing my Cache Level 3. I am very passionate about my job and feel very fortunate to be part of your child's educational journey.​ 

Teaching Assistant
Miss Charo

Hi I'm Miss Charo. Before joining the Little Treasures Team in 2015, I worked at another local nursery in Al Hamra. 

To date, I have completed many Early Years CPD courses to enable me to gain approval as a teaching assistant from the MOE. I am also First Aid trained and certified.

I work mostly with the baby and wobbler children and have many years experience not only caring for but also providing many stimulating and sensory activities to help develop a child's senses.

I thoroughly enjoy my job and love watching all the children grow and develop right in front of my eyes. I am a very upbeat and bubbly person and I hope to bring lots of fun and smiles to my classroom.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Lote

Hi, I'm Miss Lote. I am the mother of three beautiful children, one of whom works here at the nursery too !!! 

I joined the Little Treasures family in 2015 and have worked mainly in the Foundation Classes.

During my time here, I have completed Early Years training to gain approval and certification from the Ministry of Education as a Teaching Assistant.

I have also completed Safe Guarding and First Aid training to name but a few.

I love the challenge that each day brings, keeping all the little ones at the nursery stimulated and entertained and I look forward to working with your little ones in the future.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Ana Marie

Hi I'm Miss Ana Marie.

I've been working as a Teaching Assistant at Little Treasures since August 2017, when I came to join my Mom (Miss Lote) here in the UAE and at Little Treasures.

Since joining I have completed many Early Years courses and attended training and seminars. I'm  certified and approved by the Ministry of Education and am also First Aid trained.

I work mainly with the wobbler and toddler children and love that each day is an adventure filled with fun and laughter. 

We work very hard as a team to ensure that all our wonderful parents feel safe in the knowledge that their children are in the best hands possible.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Charina

Hi, I'm Miss Charina.

I joined Little Treasures in May 2018. Previous to this I worked at a nursery in RAK city.

Since joining Little Treasures I have completed the necessary training to get approval from the Ministry of Education as a Teaching Assistant.

I have completed many CPD courses which are Early Years specific. I have also completed First Aid training and I am the Designed Fire Safety Officer for our Khuzam Branch nursery.

I am very creative and absolutely love art and craft activities. I especially love making displays and crafts for the children at the nursery.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Adel

Hi,  I'm Miss Adel.

I joined Little Treasures in 2016 and have been working with the babies, wobblers and toddlers for the past few years.

I have completed many courses in Early Years including Pediatric First Aid Training, Working with Under 2's, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Key Person, Supporting development in 0-2 year name but a few!

I especially love working with and taking really good care of the smaller ones and love helping parents and their babies feel safe and secure here at the nursery. As a mom myself I understand the importance of trust, support, communication and friendship between parents and their child's caregiver.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Gene

Hi, I'm Miss Gene.

I joined the Little Treasures Team in January 2019.

Since then I've completed CACHE Level 1 Award in caring for Children, Pediatric First Aid Training, and many CPD courses in Early Years Education & Care. I will continue to develop professionally and undertake more CPD courses throughout this coming year.

I am also the certified Health & Safety Office here at the nursery as well as working as a Teaching Assistant in one of the Foundation classes.

I have settled in and been warmly welcomed into the Little Treasures family and I am really enjoying my time here.

Teaching Assistant
Miss Carolyn

Hi, I'm Miss Carolyn.

I joined my sister (Miss Charina) and the Little Treasures Team in May 2018. Prior to this i spent many years in the UAE working as a nanny.

I too have completed Teaching Assistant training to gain MOE approval.

I have competed many CPD courses covering the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as well as child protection and safeguarding along with lots of courses to help with classroom planning and activities etc.

I work with the younger groups at the nursery and love watching them develop and grow through our play based curriculum. 

Teaching Assistant
Miss Gloria

Hi, I'm Miss Gloria

Before joining Little Treasures in 2013, I worked as a Teaching Assistant at RAK Academy for 2 years. I also have previous office and reception experience but working with children has always been my life long ambition. Being the nursery receptionist I love greeting the parents and their children every morning and seeing those beautiful smiling faces excited for another fun-filled day. I also love to help new children (and their parents) to settle into nursery life with ease. Each day at nursery my day is action packed, fun filled and very rewarding.

After years of experience at Little Treasures, my role has expanded to "Jack of all trades" and I assist Miss Gemma in many of the administrative duties necessary.

Nursery Receptionist
Miss Anju

Hi, I'm Miss Anju.

I joined the Little Treasures team in October 2020 as the nursery nurse.

Firstly I am a mother to two beautifuI children and secondly I am a qualified nurse from India holding a Diploma in General Nursing & Mid Wifery and a BSc in Nursing from colleges in Kerala. I also hold a Ministry of Health registered nursing license here in the UAE. 

I have many years working as a school nurse and love working with kids. 

Nursery Nurse