Baby Class

(3 months - Walking)


Our baby room is especially equipped to suit babies from 3 months – Walking, with soft furnishings where babies can crawl and wriggle in a safe environment which helps them develop both physically and mentally.


In addition, all resources are stored at a low level which gives easy access for babies and encourages them to explore at their own pace.


Our baby program incorporates:

  • learning through play,

  • sleeping time,

  • feeding time and

  • nappy changing


Our learning program is activated using stimulating and sensory toys that are colorful, move, make sounds, have varying textures etc. Daily activities include games such as peeping, playing with stimulating hand toys, music and song time with the teacher, floor play, finger and toe games, exploration, mirror work etc.


Physical activities will include learning to sit with support, then independently, rolling over, crawling, standing whilst holding on to equipment and then finally learning to take their first steps independantly.


Feeding and sleeping time patterns will be adapted to suit each child and in accordance with their home routines which will be discussed and agreed with parents.


Time will also be allocated during the day for cuddling and affection.


We will work with parents on the introduction of weaning, hand foods and solid foods when necessary.

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