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Our Classes

"Silence is golden… unless you have a toddler. In that case then silence is very suspicious”
​Baby Class (Treasures Keepers)

The Baby Room at Little Treasures Nursery provides warmth, fun and security for children from the ages of 3 months to walking. It is important for children of this age to receive continuity of care between nursery and home therefore the baby room nursery staff will ensure your child’s familiar routine is maintained. 

A record book is kept for each child where we record details to share with parents about their child’s day at nursery, what they have eaten , the times of their nappy changes and sleeps and what experiences they have been involved in.


Staff encourage the babies to freely explore and enjoy their play activities in a safe, relaxed environment allowing them to develop their confidence, independence and learning. A variety of resources, activities and experiences are on offer for children under 1 years to aid their learning and development journey.


For further details on our baby class, click on the link.

​Toddler Class (Little Explorers)

Little Treasures toddler room is a colourful, friendly and homely room which caters for a small class of 8 children. The toddler class follow a daily routine and take part in both structured and child led activities which incorporates the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage.


The staff team and parents work together, striving for the best possible care for each and every individual child. The children are encouraged to express themselves through a wide range of activities which are specially designed to encourage the children to further develop their social and emotional skills as well as promote independence. 


For further details on our Toddler Class, click on the link.

Playgroup (Jolly Roger)

The playgroup at Little Treasures is designed as a preschool preparation class to get children ready for a learning environment where they will gain confidence in independant learning. They will also be encouraged to socialize independantly in a nurturing and safe environment.

There will also be a focus on developing strong listening and  motor skills necessary preparing them for a life-long love of learning.


Our playgroup class follow a very similar daily routine to our preschool group. Further details can be found by clicking  on the Preschool link.


Preschool Class 1 (Mini Pirates), Preschool Class 2 (Neverland Kids)

Little Treasures Nursery currently has two preschool classrooms which provide a stimulating and exciting envronment for children from 2 - 3 years old. Our preschool classes follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


At Little Treasures Nursery we understand that in the mind of a 2 year old everything is “mine” and "i want". So with a scattering of guidance and a bucket full of patience and the answer to all the ‘why’ questions, our team encourages, guides and challenges your little ones to make choices, take risks, build and create and learn and develop in a fun and exciting way. 


For further details on our Preschool Class, click on the link below.


​Foundation Stage Class (Captain Hooks Crew)

Little Treasures Nursery currently has one Foundation Stage 1 classroom catering for children from 3-4 years of age. The main aim of our foundation class is to help the children prepare for their transition into "big school". 

Our Foundation Stage class follows a more structured programme to help them achieve their milestones and early learning goals set out in the EYFS Curriculum.


For further details on our Foundation Stage Classes, click on the link below.

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