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Little Treasures Nursery is dedicated to providing a happy, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children of Ras Al Khaimah. We offer a “home away from home” for your little ones in a relaxed and secure environment.


We are approved and licensed by the Ministry Of Education. All our preschool teachers hold relevant qualifications and all our staff members are Pediatric First Aid trained and certified. Furthermore we support ongoing training and accreditation for all our staff and regularly attend Early Years Education and Care (ECEC) workshops and seminars.


Little Treasures Nursery follows the British Curriculum by delivering the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), a child centered curriculum which sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years. This framework is combined with Little Treasures core values and specially designed programs, to give your child the very  best start in their learning and development journey.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum there are seven areas of learning and development that shape the educational programme. These seven areas of learning and development are divided into three prime areas and four specific areas.These areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

These three areas, the prime areas, are:

  • personal, social and emotional development

  • physical development

  • and communication and language.

Little Treasures also support children in the four specific areas of learning and development, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied. The specific areas are:

  • literacy

  • mathematics

  • understanding the world

  • and expressive arts and design.

Little Treasures carefully planned activities uses the above 7 areas to plan your child’s learning and activities but are also designed to be extremely flexible so that our staff can follow your child's unique needs and interests. Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

Continuous assessment ensures that the learning journey of each child is closely tracked and monitored. Through close monitoring and communication with parents, we ensure that there is challenge for the more able and provision for children with additional needs.

Parents Guide to Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

The early years are a very important stage in your childs life as it helps them get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. A child's early years experiences should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs. 


Click on the below link for more information on a parents guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

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